by the Ghostwrite




This is a three-song home-recorded demo.... or a four song.. or a five song.. These three (or four or five) songs are meant to be a complete piece of work. It flows better if yinz listen to it start to finish, but I know, that's asking quite a lot in this wild modern age..

Anyway, I hadn't really thought about writing music (nor did I plan on writing this) in well over two-years. However, a few nights ago, a friend asked to hear some of my music. Since this person had never heard me play before, I obliged. As the night drifted onward, I ended up noodling around with a riff that eventually found its way into "Poison Ivy Oak." Right away, I felt something about that noodling that I hadn't felt in a very long time. It was exciting and enjoyable, so I decided to run with it. Now, here we are, a few days after the original noodling. I hope yinz enjoy it.



released May 29, 2016

Written and recorded by Robby Lester




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the Ghostwrite Pittsburgh

Coming back from the underworld, sober as fuck, to wreck havoc on unsuspecting basements and coffee shops. Spring 2016. See yinz there.

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Track Name: Poison Ivy Oak
Wake up and scream
We're still not free

It's a hard shot to the pride
When this is what's believe

Can we ever come back from this?
Track Name: This House is a Haunt
Light a candle and a cigarette
Our lungs are fucked no matter what
Oh, we know this will never change

Crack a smile and a joke
Take a drag or a toke
Oh, we know this will never change

We lost a friend and then another one
All those funerals piled up
Oh, we know, it'll never be the same

Broken strings and broken hearts
We're still damaged by all of it
Oh, we know, it'l never be the same

Hey, hey, everything's okay?

In the moment, broken down
hope is hopeless and it feels so strange
But we know, it never stays this way

God damn, when the weather breaks
we feel alive in the current state
But we know, it never stays this way
Track Name: Bloody Mary
You fell down to your knees
I didn't even know you believed
I wanted to apologise
but that look in your eyes said
Don't say a god damn thing
You let me have it all
said I made you fucking ill
"How can anyone get through a day
with the thoughts that you think?"
With a bloody tongue,
I don't need a fabled story-book
to lend a helping hand
I'll figure it out
or crash along the way
It still ends the same

I guess it answered all your prayers
Cause you're gone and I'm still here
I guess it answered all your fucking prayers
Track Name: Keystoned
I guess I'll never forget, even if you do.