Surprise Subversion

from by the Ghostwrite



Recorded by J. Robbins & Matt Redondo at Magpie Cage in Baltimore MD
Mixed and produced by J. Robbins
Mastered by Dylan Rees at Silver Fox Studio in Columbus OH.


Do you think because we're white we're yr friends?
We're not even yr allies.
We are yr enemies

Blind to yr own privilege
Let me use mine to call you out
Yr a racist, a coward
hiding behind a badge, a collar,
bullshit law
Bullshit laws

Oh yeah, the end is neigh
Who knows, maybe the uprising erupts tonight?

Do you think because we're born here
we're beholden to some nationalist duty?
We're not patriots
Fuck yr soapbox
Yr a murderer, a thief
Hiding behind a bomb, a drone
bullshit war
Bullshit wars

Oh yeah, the end is neigh
Who knows, maybe the revolution envelops tonight?


from Slarity, released October 21, 2016
Music** and lyrics written and performed by Robby Lester.
** Additional stomps and claps by Kelley Banahasky and Matt Redondo




the Ghostwrite Pittsburgh

Full album download of "Slarity" will be available October 21, 2016. Touring the Northeastern US, Quebec, Ontario and Michigan shortly after the release.


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