John Bruce Wayne

from by the Ghostwrite



Recorded by J. Robbins & Matt Redondo at Magpie Cage in Baltimore MD
Mixed and produced by J. Robbins
Mastered by Dylan Rees at Silver Fox Studio in Columbus OH.


I walked into that room
wanting to collapse into yr arms
but I just stood there.
Hey, what can I say?
I was raised by American men
Always keep a stoic face
bottled and silent
emotion motionless

But I've been trying to change
ever since I told that friend
I think I'm a feminist
They just chuckled and laughed
"Boys don't cry so good luck with that"

That's totally untrue
I remember that funeral
and everyone in those pews
But they just stood there
bottled and silent
like all those American men
I've come to know and love

Boys don't cry?

Hey, what can I say?
This is how we were raised
Always keep a stoic face
bottled and silent
emotion motionless

Boys don't cry?


from Slarity, released October 21, 2016
Music** and lyrics written and performed by Robby Lester.
** Baritone guitar parts written and performed by J. Robbins.




the Ghostwrite Pittsburgh

Full album download of "Slarity" will be available October 21, 2016. Touring the Northeastern US, Quebec, Ontario and Michigan shortly after the release.


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