Personal Political

by the Ghostwrite

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The 7th EP released by the Ghostwrite. May 02, 2013.

This was recorded and mixed by J. Robbins at Magpie Cage in Baltimore Maryland on April 8, 2013.

This was mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Mastering in Upstate New York in late April 2013.

All songs written and recorded by Robby Lester.

Non-commerical, share-a-like, creative commons. Share more, profit off the backs of others less. Thanks.


released May 2, 2013




the Ghostwrite Pittsburgh

Full album download of "Slarity" will be available October 21, 2016. Touring the Northeastern US, Quebec, Ontario and Michigan shortly after the release.


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Track Name: Debt Ceiling Hanging
Maybe I should move to Canada
or somewhere further away

First it was Afghanistan
Then Iraq and Pakistan
Then Yemen and Syria
Iran and North Korea
Put them in a blender and hit repeat

Maybe I should move to Canada
or somewhere further away
Oh, our colors don't run or hide
It's the American way
But I'm not running or hiding
I'm just trying to escape
At least for a while

Maybe I should move to Canada
or somewhere further away
Oh, we have mouths to feed
and mortgages to pay
What better way to solve our problems
than by declaring war
and calling it the New Deal?
Track Name: Window Smashing Shopping
Oh god, I miss my friends
even the ones who never call or write me back
And I don't know where to place the blame?

But I've been doing okay
keeping all these thoughts of self-destruction in check
It's not like I'd rather be dead
It's just some days I'd rather not feel alive

Oh god, I miss my friends
even the ones who act more like enemies
And I don't know where to place the blame?
Even when I'm around I'm not really there

I guess this is exactly what I signed up for
Track Name: Arrogant Alligator
I'll assume he was drunk (he wasn't)
when he proclaimed two-hundred dollars
goes a long way in Thailand
Sending broadcasts from nine-thousand miles away

Are you drinking Sing and throwing up in that South China Sea?
Does it feel the same as chugging vodka and passing out
under a warm summer's night in Flint, Michigan?

I know you know it's not very becoming

And I'll never forget the first time you told me that
Reading the Fountainhead while killing time in Kansas City
All I could think was please don't quote Ayn Rand around me
ever again

Oh, we pick and we pull
like any good comrade would do

I know you know it's not very becoming
Track Name: Time Quakes
Nostalgic for a place that doesn't even exist
At least not here or there or anywhere
I've ever been
If I close my eyes
Mute my ears
Count to ten
If I believe two plus two equals five
then its gotta exist somewhere

This might be the first time
This might be the last time
I get this anxious or restless

Can't eat
Can't sleep
or think about anything other than
how some ideas were killed
before they could bloom

This might be the last time
This might be the first time
I get this anxious or restless

Is it a blessing or a curse?
I don't want to look a gift-horse
in the mouth
Track Name: Stick to the Minors, Son
Growing up at the beach
lost at sea
Growing up in a box
far from free

I told my parents I'd be a professional baseball player
America's pastime
A real American dream
But how can I tell them?

The dream was dead before the Cold War
or Desert Storm
the era of Reagan and Bush
Clinton and Bush (and Obama)
passed down from Vietnam
Even before that
as the Nazi's flag was a-burning
we dropped those Dresden bombs
to put the fear of god into anyone
or any nation who went against the notion
that the Western Empire's the chosen one

Oh goddamn
I'm still waiting for those bombs to drop on me
Track Name: Half Pints
I might be too fucked up to ever fuck again
This spirit burns
I'm terrified it will never extingush

The night it all came crashing down
I splintered and frayed
She did the same
The floodgates opened-fucking-wide

Now I find myself
walking a line
many others have tried
Way up high
above the towers
and the pain
But there's no substance
or place
to offer much escape

The life of a rambler grinds
romantic stability
If this is all I know
will I make it home?
Track Name: New Ides of March
He can't take it back
And I can't sleep it off
It's there to remind me of a time
when we were young
and we believed in kings and queens
Building our own goddamn empire
inside that rusted-out coal-mining town
Oh, western Pennsylvania!

He's never coming back
And I'm never going home
It might be the coward's way out
but that town has your name written all over it
And when I'm there I can't help but think
today might be the day I get to tell you
thanks for being the best kind of friend
I love you, man
I fucking loved you, man

And no one wants to hear it
but that bullet had revolution
and revelation written all over it
Now I carry you
everywhere I go

Oh, I pray and pray and pray
you're not too mad at me
for running away at the age of nineteen